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Remote Air Manifold

  Point of Attachment Air Distribution Systems


Racohi Remote Air Manifolds are effective for air distribution and regulation to multiple workers from a common source.
·     Rugged Construction for harsh work environments: Polycarbonate Pelican cases (portable units) and powder coated steel (wall mount units).
·     Independent Regulators (optional) ensure each worker has the proper air flow.
·     Aluminum block manifold.
·     Connect multiple workers to one air source with up to 8 connections.
·     Enhance worker mobility by giving the flexibility to work more than 300’ from the air source.
·     Portable or Wall Mount options.





NIOSH approval for respirators is a key requirement in an OSHA compliant respiratory program per 29CFR1910.134. Additionally, as part of 42CFR84, NIOSH requires that these respirators be connected to an air distribution connection with the following features:
·     Regulator allows adjustment of air pressure to manufacturer’s specified pressure range based on range of hose length used (see 42CFR84.149 (b)).
·     Pressure gauge allows verification of this pressure setting at the point of attachment (see 42CFR84.149 (b)).
·     Pressure relief valve prevents pressure from exceeding 125 psi (see 42CFR84.149 (d) (1)).
·     Congruous fitting allows connection of “Detachable couplings” as part of NIOSH approved respirator system (see 42CFR84.131 (5)).
·     Regulator is no more than 300; from worker (see 42CFR84 Subpart J Table 8)
Racohi RAM Series products can help meet all of these requirements.
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