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Racohi Lighting Catalogue



 Portable, Lightweight and Low Voltage Systems to satisfy extreme harsh environments 

Portable and heavy duty construction hold lamps and transformers designed to satisfy the extreme harsh environments found in abrasive blasting, painting and tank cleaning jobs.
RCBL-12/20 & RCBL-24/20Blast Light
·     Halogen bulb 12 or 24 volt/ 20 watt.
·     Attaches directly to the blast hose.
·     Watertight fully rubber housed.
·     5 meters electric cable 2 x 0,75 mm² and CEE connector.
RCBL-24/100- Blast Light
·     Halogen bulb 24 volt/ 100 watt.
·     Fully rubber housing with reflector.
·     Watertight.
·     5 meters electric cable 2 x 1,5 mm² and CEE connector.
RCH-35- Racohi Compact Hold Lamp
·     Compact design, lightweight.

·     Attaches directly to the blast hose.

·     Aluminium housing.

·     Highly concentrated output, fully iluminates the area on which blasting is taken place.

·     Heavy duty Pyrex glass. 

·     For using with 12/24 Volt. halogen bulbs.

RCH-120- Racohi Hold Lamp

·     Genuine design, lightweight.

·     Hose connection by clamp. 

·     Aluminium body.

·     Wide shaft, fully illumination of the blasting area.

·     For using with 24 Volt./ 120 Watt. bulbs. 

RVP50- Portable Proof-Explosion Lamp

·     Portable and lightweight, weight: 1,8 Kg.

·     Reduced dimensions Ø 130x H360 mm.

·     Work temperature: -20ºC/ +80ºC.

·     For using in cofined areas with explosion risk. 

·     100 watt/ 24 volt bulb  (12 volt. optional).

PWL- Portable Watertight Lamp
·     Portable and lightweight, weight: 0,5 kg.
·     Reduced dimensions: Ø75x H300 mm.
·     Work temperature: -20ºC/ +80ºC.
·     For inspection jobs or lighting of reduced dimension spaces.
·     100-150 watt./ 220 volt bulb.
RCFL-90- Helmet Flashlight ATEX
·     Portable and light weight, weight: 215g.
·     High density LED bulb with 90 lm luminous flux & 3000 lux illumination grade.
·     Two types of light: bright light with a duration of over 15 hours & another softer light that can last up to 40 hours of use.
·     Rechargeable battery with charger 230v.
·     Work temperature: -20ºC/ +40-C.
·     For inspection or requiring a concentrated light lighting up to a range of 40 meters.
·     Conforms to equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres 94/9/EC: I M 1- 62013-1:2002.
Racohi Low Voltage Transformers
·     Full rubber housing. 
·     Thermal Safeguard against overload.
·     120 or 220 volt. and 12 or 24 volt. with 2 or 4 outlets. 
·     3 meters electric cable 2 x 1,5mm² and CEE connector.
·     Special executions on request.
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Racohi Lighting Catalogue
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Spare Parts Racohi Compact
Spare Parts RCBL-24/100
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