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Blasting Rooms

 Rugged, Flexible and Innovative blast rooms constructed with high quality materials and equipments

Design and installation a wide range of portable and stationary facilities for cleaning and surface preparation with simultaneous use of metallic and non-metallic abrasives. Standard blast rooms or according customer's specific blasting requirements. Racohi installations are equipped with dust collector and complete abrasive reclaim floors.






·    Equipment can be easily retrofitted into any existing facility.
·     Cost-effective total system and subsystems.
·     Dependability is built in minimal maintenance. Utilizes standard components parts for easy attainability and cost savings.
·     One motor powers the reclaim floor - A more efficient design.
·     Most efficient abrasive classifier built - Utilizes both an air-wash separator and a perforated plate rotary drum.
·     Magnetic separator for simultenous use of metallic and non metallic abrasives.
·     Available in a range of standard sizes to fit most applications.
·     Design permits and easy assembly and disassembly qfor relocation to another size.
·     Pitless design requires no special foundation - No civil work is required.
·     Works with most types of dry abrasive materials.
·     CE Certified.






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