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456 Coating Thickness Gauge


Gauge 456

 Coating Gauge Elcometer 456

The Elcometer 456 remains the most advanced hand held coating thickness gauge on the market today.
This flagship product is available in any combination of Basic, Standard and Top functionality; together with Integral (built in) and an extensive range of separate plug in probes. 
Elcometer 456 Integral Gauge Options:
The Elcometer 456 Integral (built in)Probes offer an ideal gauge for flat or uneven surfaces alike. Their large ‘Bigfoot™ ‘ probe allows for consistent and repeatable results as there is no cable, the gauge can take readings using one hand.
The Elcometer 456 Integral Gauges are ideal for measurement on both organic and inorganic coatings and are available in either:
·     Ferrous (F)
·     Non ferrous (NF), or
·     Both Ferrous and non ferrous (FNF)
Elcometer 456 Separate Gauge Options:
The Elcometer 456 Separate (Plug in) Probe Option is the most versatile gauge for the measurement of a wide range of coatings on metal substrates.
·     Available in ferrous (F), non ferrous (NF) and dual FNF versions.
Fully interchangeable probes:
·     All Ferrous models will acceptANY Ferrous 456 probe.
·     All Non-Ferrous models will accept ANY Non-Ferrous 456probe.
·     All Dual FNF models will acceptALL 456 probes.
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456 Coating Thickness Gauge


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