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 Climatic Condictions: temperature, humidity and dewpoint

The Elcometer 319 dewmeter has been designed to incorporate all the needs required for climate condition monitoring, in a single gauge.
·     Air Temperature.
·     Relative Humidity.
·     Surface Temperature.
·     Dewpoint Temperature.
·     DT: The difference between dewpoint and surface temperature .
Accessories available for the Elcometer 319 include: 
·     Interface Cable and EDTS+ Excel Link Software to download your stored measurements fot further PC analysis.
·     Infared printer for direct print-out of each dataset.
·     Liquid Temperature Probe for measuring liquids up to 330ºC/572ºF.
Indicating when the climatic conditions are 'unsafe' to paint.
Each Elcometer 319 can store features up to 99 datasets* in the internal memory.
Date and Time
Each dataset is stored with date and time stamps. Date and time can also be displayed on the screen.
IR Output
Direct infared output to IR Printer.
Cable Data Output
All gauges are supplied with data output via a cable for linking directly to a PC (Note: Interface Cable and Software supplied separately, Part number T31916504).
To Measure in low light and darkened areas, switch on the backlight.
Data Reading Reiew
See all the readings stored in the memory on the screen.
Enhanced Resolution
Two scale ranges, which automatically change dependant upon the readings, provides greater reading resolution and accuracy below 60ºC (140ºF).
Improved Durability
A specially designed resilient case provides greater protection.
Increased Accuracy and Stability
Made by Rotronic® of Switzerland, the humidity sensor is now perhaps the most stable and accurate available.
Fast Surface Probe
Users can take more readings in less time with the rapid contact sensor .
*A dataset is one set of each of the readings i.e. air temperature, surface temperature relative humidity dewpoint and DT.
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