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 Cross Hatch Tester, Pull Off Adhesion, Hydraulic Push Off Adhesion Testers

Adhesion testing after the coating process will quantify the strength of the bond between substrate and coating, or between different coating layers or the cohesive strength of some substrates.

Elcometer offer a highly comprehensive range of Adhesion Gauges designed specifically to meet your requirements. The gauges can be split into three categories:

Cross Hatch/Cross Cut Method
The coating is cut into small squares, thereby reducing lateral bonding, and the adhesion assessed against ISO, ASTM or Corporate Standards.
Pull Off Adhesion Method
 Tensile Dollies (or stubs) are glued to the coating and, when the adhesive has cured, the force required to pull the dolly off the surface is measured.
Hydraulic Push Off Adhesion Method
Similar to the Pull Off Adhesion Test, a dolly is glued to the coating. When the adhesive has cured, however, the dolly is pushed off the surface by the adhesion gauge.
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Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester 107
Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester 1542
Cross Cut Adhesion Tester 1540
Pull Off Adhesion Tester 106
Pull Off Adhesion Tester 506
Coating on Concrete Adhesion Tester 106/6
Hydraulic Adhesion Tester 108


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