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Coating Thickness Standards

 Foils and standards

Formal quality systems such as those described in ISO 9000 and Guide 25 require that gauges be properly controlled, logged and in calibration. Increasingly, users are specifying that the readings taken by gauges are traceable to National Standards. There are two types of coating thickness standards available from Elcometer: coated standards and foils.
Elcometer 995 Coated Thickness Standards
These hard wearing and durable coated standards are mounted in an attractive protective folder and provide the user with an ideal method to accurately measure the performance of their coating thickness gauge. ±2% Accuracy, supplied with calibration certificate as standard.
Elcometer 990 Calibration Foils & Zero Test Plates
Ideal for use in the laboratory, on the production line or the construction site, calibration foils or calibration shims are the most convenient way of creating a coating thickness standard on your substrate material or form. The ideal method for adjusting the calibration of your coating thickness gauge to ensure the greatest possible accuracy. Available as either a precision foil (±1% accuracy) or as a nominal foil (±2% accuracy).
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