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Test Charts

 Leneta test charts, black and white charts

Elcometer supply a wide range of Leneta Test Charts, from plain white to those having different patterns of black and white. Produced from high quality, non
fluorescent paper, free of optical brighteners that may affect colour measurements, Leneta Test Charts are the market standard in today’s coatings industry.
Opacity Charts:
Used to test the hiding power of the coating, using large black and white areas.
Penopac Charts:   
Combine penetration and opacity tests
in one chart.  
Display Charts:
Use diagonal patterns to help demonstrate visibly, the hiding power of a coating.    
Opacity-Display Charts:
Combines large black and white areas with diagonal patterns.
Spreading Rate Charts:
Larger than other charts, used to measure the spreading rate of a coating.
Brushout Charts:
Thicker paper is used for the testing of coatings applied with a brush or roller.
Duplex Applicator Charts:
Used in conjunction with the Duplex Film Applicator to test two coatings at the same time .
Unvarnished Charts:
Semi-porous charts which are ideal for clear coatings and stains.
Grey Scale Charts:
A range of stripes, increasing in contrast – ideal for rating the hiding power of a coating.
Spray Monitors:
Self-adhesive charts, usually applied to metal panels for testing sprayed and OEM coatings.
Scrub Test Panels:
Used to measure the abrasion of a coating, using the Elcometer 1720 Washability Tester.
Metopac™ Test Panels:
Painted steel panels used to measure the hiding power of powder coatings.
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