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 Coating management software & SPC software

Elcometer provide a complete range of free software packages designed for use with our gauges and other manufacturers’ equipment. These software packages are either supplied with the appropriate instruments or can be downloaded from our website. More advanced versions can be downloaded from our website as a demonstration copy and are available from Elcometer.
Elcometer EDCS+ Coatings Management Software
EDCS+ is a software program designed for the Coating Inspector and is an ideal tool for management of data collected by a wide range of Elcometer gauges. EDCS+ takes Coatings Management Software to a new level. A simple to use software program that allows the operator to access professional inspection results and generate specialised reports for the customer or for ISO reports. EDCS+ is so versatile - just look at some of the things that you can do with your data.
 Elcometer Datastat SPC Software
This powerful software package provides the User with the means to control their production process. Through continuous inspection Datastat will help you to reduce re-work and scrap levels - increasing your profits and quality.
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