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Climatic Condition Testing

Test of air temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint.

During the application of a coating, the presence of moisture in the environment or on the work surface, often results in a poor quality finish. Problems such as poor adhesion of the coating or premature corrosion of the substrate can occur.
To determine the likelihood of moisture affecting the quality of the finish, it is essential that the surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity (RH) and dewpoint are all measured.
Elcometer 319 Dewpoint Meter

The Elcometer 319 dewmeter has been designed to incorporate all the needs required for climate condition monitoring, in a single gauge. This simple to use dewcheck measures all the parameters required to determine if the climatic conditions are correct for coating to commence - including - air temperature, relative humidity, surface temperature, dewpoint temperature and deltaT - the difference between dewpoint and surface temperature.

Elcometer 212 Digital Pocket Thermometer with Liquid Probe & Surface Probe

The Elcometer 212 is a digital, pocket sized thermometer ideal for day to day use. Available with liquid probe & surface probe & provides temperature readings in under four seconds. Housed in a water resistant case with integrated rubber seals and a moulded flush window, preventing dirt and leaks damaging the LCD display, the Elcometer 212 is ideal for use in the harshest of environments.

Elcometer 116A Whirling Hygrometer
The Elcometer 116A Whirling Hygrometer is available in either a C scale. A guide for Relative Humidity (RH) Calculation is supplied with each instrument. The dewpoint can be accurately obtained using Elcometer 114 Dewpoint Calculator.
Elcometer 116C Sling Hygrometer
The Elcometer 116C Bacharach Sling Hygrometer is a convenient, self contained instrument with a built in slide rule for the calculation of %RH and dewpoint. It has spirit filled thermometers and is also available in C or F scales.
Elcometer 114 Dewpoint Calculator
This provides accurate values of Relative Dewpoint (RH) and Humidity from the wet and dry bulb temperatures measured by a Whirling or Sling Hygrometer - such as the Elcometer 116 range above.
Elcometer 113 Magnetic Thermometer
These magnetic thermometers indicate the surface temperature of steel and other magnetic materials continuously. The thermometer is placed onto the substrate and the temperature is displayed on the dial. As the principle of operation uses a bi-metallic strip, no batteries are required.
Elcometer 214L Infrared Digital Thermometer (Laser)
The Elcometer 214L infrared thermometer with laser pointer is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Simply aim, pull the trigger and display the surface temperature of the object being measured. Release the trigger to hold the reading. Instant temperature readings and non-contact.
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Dew Point Meter 319
Whirling & Sling Hygrometers 116
Dew Point Calculator 114
Magnetic Thermometers 113
Paint Thermometer 210
Digital Pocket Thermometer 212 with Liquid Probe
Digital Pocket Thermometer 212 with Surface Probe
Digital Laser Thermometer 214


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