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456 Coating Thickness Gauge


Coating Thickness

 Destructive, digital and mechanical coating thickness gauges

Destructive Coating Thickness Gauges
Destructive thickness measurement is often the only guaranteed method available to test certain coating/substrate combinations including: Paint applied to concrete, wood, plaster, plastic, etc.
When it is necessary to measure the individual layer thickness in a multiple-layer coating system, the most accurate method available is the Paint Inspection Gauge (P.I.G.) coating thickness gauge.
Digital Coating Thickness Gauge
Simple to interpret, small and portable gauges for the measurement of coatings on all metal surfaces. Digital coating thickness gauges are more accurate, more repeatable and more reproducible than other types of coating thickness gauge on the market today.
Elcometer offers the world’s most comprehensive range of portable digital coating thickness gauges. For measurements on either Ferrous substrates (F), Non-Ferrous substrates (NF), or on both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous substrates (FNF), Elcometer can provide a gauge to meet your need.
With a wide choice of gauges to choose from, users must be able to determine which coating thickness gauge is the right one for their requirements.
Mechanical Thickness Gauges
Mechanical Coating Thickness Gauges are an ideal choice when coating thickness needs to be measured where batteries cannot be used or are difficult to obtain. For example in remote locations, underwater, where dangerous gasses are present, you are looking for a basic coating thickness gauge to measure coatings on Ferrous Substrates (e.g. steel).
These gauges all use the original method of measurement – the amount of force needed to remove a magnet from a Ferrous Substrate and are basic coating thickness gauges to measure coatings on steel.
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456 Coating Thickness Gauge
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