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Coating Thickness-Powder

 Coating Thickness Gauges - Powder Coating Thickness 

Making sure that the end product has the correct levels of adhesion and appearance
 in particular gloss and colour – is dependent upon the thickness of the powder prior to the curing process, and the temperature profile of the oven. Measuring the thickness of powder however, is difficult as touching it changes the powder thickness compressing it under the force. Elcometer have therefore developed two solutions to this problem.



Elcometer 155 Uncured Powder Film Comb
Available in four scale ranges, the Elcometer 155 is designed to measure uncured powder coating film thickness. This enables the application system to be set up and fine tuned prior to the curing process. In turn, this will reduce the amount of scrap and over-spray. Simply place the comb into the powder and slide the comb towards you.
Elcometer 550 II Mark II Non Contact Powder Thickness Gauge
The Elcometer 550 Mark II offers the user an unrivalled approach to measuring uncured powder thicknesses - without touching the powder. By measuring the powder density as opposed to powder thickness, the gauge is designed to provide the user with the correct value of the cured film thickness by the measurement of the uncured powder thickness, enabling the application system (powder guns, line speed, etc) to be set up and fine tuned.
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