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Salt Contamination Meter 130


Surface Cleanliness

 Monitoring and recording the cleanliness of each layer prior to applying the next coating 

Surface contamination from salts such as chlorides, sulphates and nitrates have been shown to lead to blistering of organic coatings, particularly in immersion conditions.
In a multi-layer coating process, it is necessary to monitor and record the cleanliness of each layer prior to applying the next coating.
When using amine cured epoxy coatings, for example, in low ambient temperatures or in high humidity, a surface oiliness or exudate may cause inter-coating adhesion failure.
Salt Contamination Meter Elcometer 130
Soluble salts on a surface are absorbed into a special filter paper soaked with distilled water. The Elcomter 130 measures the conductivity of the wet paper, calculates the salt level and displays it in µg/cm2.
 Elcometer 142 Dust Tape Test Kit
The Elcometer 142 ISO 8502-3 Dust Tape Test kit allows assessment of the quantity and size of dust particles on surfaces prepared for painting. Dust on blast cleaned surfaces can reduce coating adhesion, leading to premature coating failure and sub-standard coating finish. The kit can be used in accordance with the recommendations of BS EN ISO 8502-3 either as a pass/fail test or as a permanent record of the presence of dust.
Elcometer 139A & 139C Amine Blush Test
The first site test for determining the presence of Amines on the surface of a coating. If present it can lead to inter-coat adhesion failure. This simple test takes seconds to undertake and gives instant results.
Elcometer 134A Chloride Ion Test Kit for Abrasives
Chlorides deposited on a surface by contaminated abrasive during blasting can cause a coating to fail prematurely. Contamination can build up, particularly if the blast media is recycled several times. The Elcometer 134A is an easy to use, accurate field test which determines if your abrasive is contaminated with chlorides and thus prevent costly surface-related failures.
Elcometer 138 Bresle Kit & Patches 

Well known in the protective coatings field, the Bresle Patch is one of the most popular tests for soluable salts. A patch is adhered to the substrate and the soluable salts are dissolved into distilled water using a rinsing motion caused by a syringe. A conductivity meter is then used to calculate the slat level.

Bresle Samplers Elcometer 135A


The Elcometer 135A Bresle Sampler is a self-adhesive rubber film patch with a sealed compartment for sampling of soluble impurities from steel surfaces with a suitable solvent. Supplied in 50 tests per kit & complies the standard ISO 8502-6.


Bresle Pathces Elcometer 135B


Elcometer 135B Bresle Patches are used to determine surface chloride contamination and are self-adhesive rubber film parches with a sealed compartment for sampling soluble impurities from steel surfaces with a suitable solvent. Supplied in 25 tests per kit & complies the standard ISO 8502-6.


Elcometer 134S Chloride Detection Kit for Blast Cleaned Surfaces
Chloride salts left on the surface before the first coat is applied can result in the coating system being forced off the surface by corrosion or blistering before the full life of the coating has been reached. Salts are extracted using a rubber tube and the level of chloride on the surface is identified using a simple glass tube which identifies the concentration level.
Elcometer 128 Pictorial Surface Standards
Elcometer’s range of Surface Standards, covers most of those required for surface cleanliness. They include: The swedish standard, the british standard and the sspc standards vis 1 and vis 3.
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Salt Contamination Meter 130
Bresle Salt Kit 138
ISO 8502-3 Dust Tape Test Kit 142
Amine Blush Swab Test Kit & Amine Blush Chip Screen Test Kit 139
Chloride Ion Test Kit for Abrasives 134A
Chloride Ion Test Kit for Surfaces 134S
Pictorial Surface Standards 128
SaltSmart Contamination Meter 146
Bresle Samplers 135A
Bresle Patches 135B


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