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Pulsed DC Holiday Detector 280


Pinhole & Porosity Detection

 Pinhole Testers, Wet Sponge Testers, High Voltage Testers

Premature corrosion of a substrate is usually due to the failure of the coating. A major cause is the presence of flaws in the finished coating. Collectively referred to as a coating's porosity, the main types of flaw are describes below:



Runs and sags
The wet coating moves under gravity leaving a thin dry
Occurs when a coating does not re-flow to cover the voids generated by air bubbles being released from the surface of a coating.
Occurs when the substrate is wet or if the coating has poor flow characteristics, thus creating voids in the coating.
Caused either by air entrapment which is then released from the surface, or by the entrapment of particulates (dust, sand, etc.) which do not stay in place.
Over coating
If too much coating is applied to a substrate, as the coating cures it can crack from internal stresses of the coating.
Under coating
Areas are not coated or the coating flows away from particular edges, corners of a substrate and welds. Furthermore, over a rough surface profile, insufficient coating may leave the profile’s peaks exposed.


The consequent cost of repairs and subsequent loss of production can be considerable. Early inspection for coating flaws will prevent the expense and inconvenience of a coating failure. Instruments used to detect coating flaws are referred to by many different names, these include spark or jeep testers, porosity or holiday detectors and pinhole testers.

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Pulsed DC Holiday Detector 280
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