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Blasting Protection

 All necessary elements for maximum security & comfort in blasting works


    Racohi Astro Blasting Helmet

·     Astro blast helmet is the best and most economical choice for working with abrasive blasting.         
·     Lightweight and robust. Less weight means less fatigue. The helmet only weighs 1,2kg. 
·     Abrasive resistant polyethylene helmet shell.
·    Durable nylon and leather capes.
·     Each part can be easily replace using conventional tools.
·     All safety standards throughout the world. Standard NIOSH & EN271: CE certified.
    Racohi Nova Blasting Helmet
·     Nova blast helmet is the most comfortable and less fatigue for working with abrasive blasting.
·     Ligthweight pillow foam padding ensures a perfect adaptation of helmet.
·     Abrasive resistant polyethylene helmet shell.
·     Panoramic len ensures a optimum vision.
·     Multi layered foam provides the quietest helmet for the operators.
·     Durable nylon and leather capes.
·     Each part can be easily replace using conventional tools.
·     All safety standards throughout the world. Standar NIOSH & EN271: CE certified.

Racohi Commander Blasting Helmet

·     Commander blasting helmet offer maximum protection in corrosive environments.
·     Made of light weight glass fibre re-enforced polyester with rubber coating.
·     Maximum protection Anti-shock cape.
·     Air compressed hose includes pressure regulator & filter.
·     Standard EN271: CE certfied.
Racohi II-H Blasting Helmet
·     Lightweight, ergonomic & reduced dimension blasting helmet.
·     Made of high resistant black resin, fits perfectly to blasting operator body.
·     Constant air flow for respiratory protection, prevents abrasive impact at the same time.
·     Two frontal respirator outlet valves & easy-changed protective glasses.
     Xester Protection Capes
·     Complete protection for blasting operator upper body.
·     Made of high resistant & light material against abrasive rebounds.
·     Very lightweight & easy fit to blasting helmets.
·     Standard series: plastic & leather for Enduro, Commander & Apollo blasting helmets.
Xester Heavy-Duty Blasting Overalls
·     Genuine design, abrasive resistance, made of special polyester.
·     Front pocket with velcro for helmet glasses.
·     High movement flexibility.
·     Protection against grit shot.
·     Different sizes: M- XXL.

Xester Heavy-Duty Blasting Gloves

·     Made with special treated leather for a comfortable blasting work.
·     High resistant & flexibility, humidity adsorbed from operators' hands.
·     Heat, sparks & abrasion excellent resistance
·     One size fits all.
Xester Heavy-Duty Leggings
·     Made in high resistant leather.
·     Fitting with velcro, shin-guard againt abrasive impact.
·     Internal protection anti-shocking.
·     One size fits all.

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