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Painting Protection

 Specifically designed from painter's specifications to ensure the highest security, resistance & comfort.

RRK-820 Painting Masks
·     Made of natural rubber & EPDM for maximum comfort.
·     Panoramic visor with maximum visibility, anti-shocking & solvent resistant.
·     Standard thread, EN 148-1 solvent resistant, two respiratory outlet valves, inlet valves & diaphragm.
·     Fit to standard thread connector filters, air compressed respiratory equipments & air-assited filtration systems.
Standard Filters
·     Full range of  mechanical & chemical filters suitable for different aplications.
·     EN 148-1 standard thread fits with any other industrial protection mask.
·     Easy mask fixation.
Xester AXP Painting Overalls
·     Made of special cotton for professional use.
·     Lightweight full-body suit that will keep you clean while spraying.
·     Back pocket for small tools.
·     Inexpensive price, washable & reusable.
·     Available in 6 sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXL.

Xester PPC Painting Hoods

·     Made in special cotton for professional applications.
·     Knitted from 100% combined cotton for maximum cooling and comfort.
·     Contoured shape allows for goggles and mask.
·     One size fits all.
Xester Painting Shoes Covers
·     Made in special cotton for professional applications.
·     XRV model: 100% regular cotton, fit with velcro. Suitable for any paint application.
·     XLT model: cotton, fixed with elastic rubber, smooth sole preventing marks in recent painting areas. Suitable for tank cleaning applications & inspection jobs.
·     Economic, washable & reusable.
·     One size fits all.

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